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Two converging practices


Sound Healing

  • Reduce stress and physical tensions.

  • Balance body, mind and soul.

  • Connect to a larger range of consciousnes.

If you suffer from symptoms of chronic stress and you need to relax, recharge and reconnect, then Sound Healing is ideal for you.

The sonic treatments have a positive influence on the physiological system.  Sounds can harmonize the autonomous nervous-system, reduce the production of stress hormones, slow the brain waves and balance the heartbeats. The vibrations relax muscular tensions, boost the immune system and raise the heart coherence.

The sounds release suppressed emotions and free the energy circulation.

Over history and in many cultures and traditions all over the world, music has been recognised to influence humankind.  It creates a bridge to a vast universal dimension that we lose too easily in our fast and complex lifestyle.

Sounds bring inner peace and put us in touch with  the grounding  of our soul.


Systemic Self-Integration


Systemic Coaching (Vincent Lenhardt)

“Systemic Self-Integration” Dr. Langlotz

  • Deeply grounded within self and yet open to the world.

  • Gain clarity, perspective and confidence.

  • Find a healthy distance towards others and towards work.

If you have the tendency to orientate your attention more to others and to your work than to your own needs, then Systemic Self Integration can help you.

Systemic Self-Integration is a very structured form of systemic constellations developed through the long research done by a German psychiatrist, Doctor Langlotz.  

The unique combination of this method with the different systemic tools that I offer aim more connection to one-self, more lightness and clarity, more inner peace, confidence in oneself and in life as a whole.

Systemic constellations blended with coaching helps to understand rationally, experience spatially, feel emotionally and sense intuitively the involved elements and the possible evolutionary options.


Nicole Schumacher

Soundhealing & Systemic Constellations



Since 1991

A holistic approach

Coming from the world of music and movement teaching, having completed my training with multiple psycho-physical approaches, family and business constellations as well as Systemic Coaching, I have accompanied people in the quest of self-development and well-being since 1991.

The diversity of the tools I deploy allows a holistic approach in order to  address a range of issues: personal, family and professional.

My musical background gives me in addition an intuitive, structured and creative touch.

Since 2019

The resonance of life

After having worked mostly and successfully with systemic constellations, I decided in 2019 to study Sound Healing and to reconnect with my original background and experience and with this, to integrate the therapeutic potential of music and sound waves in my practice.

I love to inspire people to find their own “A” and to tune to their inner melody.

I help them to harmonize the different strings of their lives, to adjust emotional dissonances and to live at a tempo that suits them.


Rythmique Jacques Dalcroze

1983-87, Belgium

Family Constellations

2004-06, Belgium

Big Five For Life, John Strelecky

2012, The Nederlands

Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles

1986-87, Belgium

Systemic Business
Spiral Dynamics Intensive

2016, Belgium

2006, France


1989-93, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany

Coaching et Teambuilding CT
Klangtherapie - Klangpädagogik

2019, Germany

2006-08, France


1990-92, Belgium

Systemische Selbst-Integration, Dr. Langlotz
Sound Healing


2010-12, Germany

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