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Séances individuelles

Individual sessions


Systemic Coaching and


From the bigger picture to inner clarity
  • Work on personal, family and professional issues

  • Free trans-generational blocages

  • Take your place in your family or your company

  • Unlock your inherent potential

We talk about your challenge, deploy it spatially and develop the different perspectives and horizons.

We explore the associated emotions, their origin, the alternative positionning and connect you to your inner power.

Virtual and face to face sessions of 30, 60 or 90,'

shruti box et chant vue d'ensemble.jpg

Sound therapy

Relax, refresh, reconnect
  • Harmonize vibrational imbalances

  • Release blocked emotions

  • Reduce stress

  • Get in tune with "your Self"

We clarify the context at the start of the session, you experience the sound treatment and then we close by talking about your emotional, energetic and physical experience as well as your insights.

Face-to-face session 60 '

Formula of 4 weekly sessions 

Virtual session 30 '


Triad: In tune with yourself

Look inside, look around : new outlook
  • Balance body, mind and spirit

  • Discuss systemic issues

  • Integrate the private and professional aspects

  • Reconnect to your essential aspirations

Personalised, inspiring and constructive support integrating coaching, constellation and sound therapy to address and deepen a specific theme of your choice.

Formula: Three 90 'sessions including the three methods

Virtual or face-to-face over 4 weeks

Top 5 for life.jpg

Discover your "Top 5 for Life"

In line, in tune, in resonance
  • Bring out your 5 life priorities

  • Take the time to get out of the routine

  • Find out what really matters to you

  • Start to tune your life to your priorities

You uncover your 5 life priorities using a set of questions and ultimately crystallise them into a unique acronym. Knowing what is essential helps you make decisions in line with your deepest aspirations and live as much as possible the life you will be happy with now and in the future.

Your Top 5 for Life set the tone and the key.

6 online sessions of 60' with homework and reflections to do between sessions


Personalised audio recordings

Visualize, vitalize, vibrate
  • Reduce stress level, sleep better

  • Calm the mind and releas emotions

  • Support medical treatment by sounds of kindness

  • Visualise your intentions and projects bathing in supporting sounds and vibrations 

During a session we clarify your context and your objective. Afterwards I record a tailor-made guided meditation of 15 to 20 minutes accompanied by my therapeutic instruments , You receive it in MP3 format. You will be able to listen to it with headphones at your best convenience?  This will enhance your personal or professionnel development.

Group Sessions

Ateliers en groupe

Group sound baths

Relax, refresh, restore
  • Corporate / Organizations : Mental relaxation, stress reduction, well-being, boosting creativity and the immune system.

  • Health sector : For medical personnel: well-being, relaxation, emotional release, recharging batteries.

  • Teaching area : Introduce students and / or teachers to the concepts of mindfulness through sounds, music and singing

  • : Brussels,  meditation studio: every Thursday from 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

  • Private groups : In my office, between 4 and 6 people, A cool activity with family or friends. Excellent gift idea !! Also possible at your home

Sessions of 30' or 60'.

The participants are lying down or sitting comfortably.  They bathe in harmonious and energising sounds and vibrations which I play on my therapeutic instruments, live, underlying a guided meditation.

Minimum of 4 participants.

Price or formula on request

voix et vibrations.jpeg

" The only thing better than singing is more singing"


Ella Fitzgerald

Group Mindfull Singing

Singing, breathing, enjoying
  • Boost the immune system

  • Release emotions

  • Feel the inner vibrations of your own voice

  • Be carried by the common sound of the group

The human voice connects breathing, emotions and authentic self-expression. It is the bridge between the inside and the outside. The voice is the therapeutic instrument par excellence: it is free, transportable and always available. As a music teacher, coach and sound therapist, I am happy to share the practice of singing with the aim of harmonising people and groups.

In private groups, in companies, organisations, schools.


Price or formula on request


Workshop : Tuning forks 

Tune in and tune up
  • Learn simple techniques of rebalancing

  • Harmonise the mind and body

  • Reduce stress

  • Release emotions

Initiation to the use of therapeutic tuning forks for personal use and as a supplement for medical and educational staff. You learn simple techniques and sonopuncture points to enhance grounding, energy flow, harmonisation and inner peace.

We will use three tuning forks : C and G and the weighted 136.10 Hz.

Price or formula on request

Constellations en groupe.jpeg

Systemic constellations

in Group

Explore, understand, integrate
  • Become aware of unconscious dynamics

  • Undo relational knots

  • Connect to your own needs and emotions

  • Connect to others without losing yourself


You set up in the room the different elements or people involved in your challenge, represented by other participants. Experiencing this systemic map spatially, physically and emotionally helps to become aware of underlying dynamics. This three-dimensional exploration shows ways out of complex situations. It supports understanding, integrating and anchoring new perspectives and inner attitudes.

Minimum 6 participants, half or full day

Organization and price on request

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