The Resonance of Life

Be in tune with your self

Nicole Schumacher

Systemic Sound Constellations and Soundtherapist.

From stress to serenity

From dissonance to harmony.

Moving from...

  • Stress, fatigue, worry.
  • Migraine, pain, tension.
  • “I have no time for myself and I run all over the place.”

Moving towards...

  • Serenity, confidence, lightness.
  • Resilience, clarity, inner calm.
  • “I listen to myself a lot more, I learn to set my limits and I feel much freer.”

Even the best pianist cannot play well  on a piano that is out of tune.

In the complexity and rate of change of the current climate  we need regular moments of  inner alignment.

Tuning ourselves as the physical, emotional, mental and energetic strings of an instrument  is the key to sounding right in this world of intense transformation.”

Nicole Schumacher

3 Approaches

a trio converging in harmony



analyse, clarify, become conscious, appreciate the bigger picture


express, resonate, release and align



explore in 3 Dimensions, include the kinesthetic and intuitive intelligence


  • Individual Sessions in coaching, sound healing and constellations are possible also by phone or video-call
  • Sound Baths in groups: corporate, schools, hospitals, private groups
  • Constellations in groups on family, business and inner systems
  • Workshops: Vocal Toning and Tuning Forks for Life Balance, for private use or as complement for health and teaching professions

In English, French, German and Dutch.


Since 1991

A holistic approach.

Coming from the world of music and movement teaching, having completed my training with multiple psycho-physical approaches, family and business constellations as well as Systemic Coaching, I have accompanied people in the quest of self-development and well-being since 1991.

The diversity of the tools I deploy allows a holistic approach in order to  address a range of issues: personal, family and professional.

My musical background gives me in addition an intuitive, structured and creative touch.

Since 2019

The resonance of life.

After having worked mostly and successfully with systemic constellations, I decided in 2019 to study Sound Healing and to reconnect with my original background and experience and with this, to integrate the therapeutic potential of music and sound waves in my practice.

I love to inspire people to find their own “A” and to tune to their inner melody.

I help them to harmonize the different strings of their lives, to adjust emotional dissonances and to live at a tempo that suits them.


Rythmique Jacques Dalcroze

1983-87, Belgium

Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles

1986-87, Belgium


1989-93, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany


1990-92, Belgium

Family Constellations

2004-06, Belgium

Systemic Business Constellations

2006, France

Coaching et Teambuilding CT

2006-08, France

Systematische Selbst Integration

2010-12, Germany

Big Five For Life, John Strelecky

2012, The Netherlands

Spiral Dynamics Intensive

2016, Belgium

Klangtherapie - Klangpädagogik

2019, Germany

Sound Healing



Two converging practices.

Soundhealing and constellations

Sound Healing

Diploma recognized by the International Institute
of Complementary Therapies..

  • Reduce stress and physical tension.
  • Balance body, mind and soul.
  • Connect to a larger range of consciousness.

If you suffer from symptoms of chronic stress and you need to relax, recharge and reconnect, then Sound Healing is ideal for you.

The sonic treatments have a positive influence on the physiological system.  Sounds can harmonize the autonomous nervous-system, reduce the production of stress hormones, slow the brain waves and balance the heartbeats. The vibrations relax muscular tensions, boost the immune system and raise the heart coherence.

The sounds release suppressed emotions and free the energy circulation.

Over history and in many cultures and traditions all over the world, music has been recognised to influence humankind.  It creates a bridge to a vast universal dimension that we lose too easily in our fast and complex lifestyle.

Sounds bring inner peace and put us in touch with  the grounding  of our soul.

Systemic Self-Integration

Family and Business  constellations
 Systemic Coaching

  • Deeply grounded within self and yet open to the world.
  • Gain clarity, perspective and confidence.
  • Find a healthy distance towards others and towards work.

    If you have the tendency to orientate your attention more to others and to your work than to your own needs, then Systemic Self Integration can help you.

Systemic Self-Integration is a very structured form of systemic constellations developed through the long research done by a German psychiatrist, Doctor Langlotz. 

The unique combination of this method with the different systemic tools that I offer aim more connection to one-self, more lightness and clarity, more inner peace, confidence in oneself and in life as a whole.

 Systemic constellations blended with coaching helps to understand rationally, experience spatially, feel emotionally and sense intuitively the involved elements and the possible evolutionary options.


"Even a recalcitrant of relaxation can feel the positive effects. The sensation of well-being and serenity are very present at the end of a session."
"After having spent 5 months with backpain, the day after the session with Nicole the pain was gone. I did not want to believe in it. I waited and after several days it did not come back."
"I have appreciated the richness of your tools. Thank you, Nicole, for your beautiful sensibility and your grand intuition which have allowed me to soothe deep wounds and continue helping me on my spiritual journey."
"Nicole is very empathetic and reads the client’s emotions and energy excesses and deficiencies.She is professional, handles the sessions very well and has a wide range of therapeutic skills she can deploy to complement the sound healing protocols."
Executive Coach
"The sounds, the vibrations and also the singing guide you on an internal, very relaxing journey. They help to detach from the reality, taking away blockages who upset harmony in daily life."
"I have had 5 remote sessions. At each time an hour of active listening, diverse expertise, intuition, sounds. After each session I felt a profound liberation."
Contract Manager
"I do not know which of the different techniques Nicole uses I prefer most… but I know that she instinctively feels what I need in this moment. After each session I feel that something has profoundly changed."
Project Manager
"I feel more aligned, unified, anchored and confident. I also have more energy. Nicole is very professional. I have confidence in her competences and her expertise. I like very much the combination between the analytical preparation and then the sonic work the enables an integration on a more subtle level, until the very ground of my cells."
"The vibrations transmitted to the body via the instruments, listening to the melodic singing have allowed a physical and mental relaxation an release, a decompression followed by a state of quietness combined with sensations of positive energy of disappeared tiredness."
"As a director of a company, one feels often alone and it is difficult to ask the right questions, on a personal and also on a professional level. One has also difficulties to get out the day to day business in order to project oneself into a mid-and long term strategy. Nicole asked the right questions to make your reflection evolve. I warmly recommend her help."
Director of a small company
"Nicole’s capacity of listening and analyses is impressive. Resolutely turning towards the future and progress of her client, she can resolve certain blockages by making short returns to the past, sometimes necessary for the understanding of the actual situation. These are working sessions of discussion and of placing in space. One does not go to Nicole to have a little chat, to complain or hoping to find a shoulder to cry on… one goes to Nicole because one needs a professional with whom one decides to work to gain measurable results in time. Her help is very precious."
Director of a company
"I had never heard of Constellations before meeting Nicole. This approach and Nicole's personal coaching brought me unquestionable support on a complex and personally difficult project of organizational change - with positive results for me and for all those concerned: a very clear successful outcome - certainly not a given at the outset!Nicole gently insisted on pushing through with discovering latent issues to bring them to the fore, shining light on areas that needed resolution - which we did together. Yes, it was me that did the work but I could not have done it without her and her deep expertise.Nicole brings such experience and knowledge with a large dose of empathy and generosity that she redefines professionalism in her sector. She delivered incredible results that no one around me would have thought possible - nor me. Looking back I am still personally benefiting term from each and every session with Nicole both for the long term and the immediate issues I had to deal with - in my work as well as in my personal l"ife challenges."


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